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ESPN's Paul Lukas has just released his ranking of NFLuniforms and it's clear he's got a love of traditional looks and little love for the blue, neon green and wolf grey of the Seattle Seahawks.

Most of Lukas' top ten uniforms have seen little to no change over several decades, with the Chicago Bears at the top of the pack, followed by the Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills.

The Seahawks come in 22nd on the list.

All right, so it's not anyone's idea of a good uniform set, but it's not as bad as it initially appeared, writes Lukas. Truth to tell, the Seabirds would look A-OK if they'd just get rid of, or at least tone down, all the neon green trim. Until that happens, though, they're still saddled with a lower-echelon look.

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Coming in last is the Jacksonville Jaguars with their new two-tone helmets that go from matte black to shiny gold.

If you dress like a clown and win, you look like a winner. But if you dress like a clown and lose, you just look like a clown, writes Lukas about the Jags unis.

Seahawks fans will get to see the Jaguars' duds close up when they come to Seattle inWeek 3.

Don't like the rankings?ESPNlets you make your own here. As of noon Wednesday, fans had ranked the Seahawks uniforms 4th overall, but it also garnered the most No 1 votes.

You may also want to read the counter-argument from's Ashley Fox, who says the Seahawks' uniforms fit the team's attitude.

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