SEATTLE - There have been at least three reported cases of children falling out of windows in the Seattle area in the past 30 days. And in just one week this month, three children in Everett fell out of windows and had to be taken to Providence Regional Medical Center.

Yesterday, a toddler fell two stories out of a Skyway apartment and being treated for critical injuries at Harborview Medical Center.

Hospitals, police and firefighters want to remind parents, grandparents, any child caretakers that window screens are designed to keep bugs out -- not keep kids in.

With the warm weather many people have their windows open, but falling out of a window is a serious risk for small children.

Each year 3,000 to 5,000 children fall out of windows in the United States.

Harborview Medical Center treats around 50 cases a year. About a quarter of these children experience serious head injuries or permanent disability.

Tips from doctors at Harborview:
- Don't open windows more than 4 inches
- Place a guard or stop in the window
- Move furniture and boxes away from windows to prevent kids from climbing up to them

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