With less than a week to the primary election, candidates for Seattle mayor are putting out their last mailings and TVads.

KING 5 asked voters on Capitol Hill to help us rate the commercials for the top polling candidates.

In Mayor Mike McGinn's final ad before the election, he looks straight at the camera and apologizes for a bumpy start.

He's trying to apologize for mistakes he's made before, but that doesn't mean he's not going to make them again, said Seattle voter Amy Morren.

I think he's a nice guy. I think his values are right on. I think he's been a horrible mayor, said David Ginsberg, also a voter.

Political analyst and journalist at Publicola Josh Feit sums up the ad. He's a little defensive. The framing of the ad is, 'people say this about me, but I'm really successful.'

State Senator Ed Murray's TV ad, which came out last month, was a chance for Murray to introduce himself to Seattle voters.

Voter Amy Wilson had never heard of Ed Murray and learned that he's gay by watching the commercial.

It's open and people will be inspired by that, she says.

Murray's ad begins with a picture of President Kennedy.

There was that image of John Kennedy, which I found archaic. At least use Obama, for Pete's sake, said Feit.

Former Seattle City Council Member, Peter Steinbrueck, is not using television. He's sticking to mailers.

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