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LINKEDINCOMMENTMORE CEO Jeff Bezos confirmed Friday that his expedition team recovered rockets used in the launch of Apollo 11, the first manned moon landing.

The two F-1 engines were recovered four months ago, three miles below the surface of the ocean. More than four decades of corrosion made it difficult to identify which Apollo rocket they came from.

Today, I m thrilled to share some exciting news. One of the conservators who was scanning the objects with a black light and a special lens filter has made a breakthrough discovery 2044 stenciled in black paint on the side of one of the massive thrust chambers, wrote Bezos in a post on his blog. 2044 is the Rocketdyne serial number that correlates to NASA number 6044, which is the serial number for F-1 Engine #5 from Apollo 11.

The announcement comes one day before the 44th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing.

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