TACOMA, Wash. -- Prosecutors expect to charge Michael Scharpf Breer, 19, of Puyallup with murder after a friend said he asked for help disposing of a body.

Deputy Prosecutor Stephen Penner said investigators are still looking for the remains of the victim, Justin Morris.

Penner said that even without a body, the state has enough evidence to charge the suspect with murder.

The friend told police he saw a body wrapped in a blanket in Michael Scharpf Breer's home.

According to that friend, Breer told him he went through a couple of pans when he killed the man and said he observed a frying pan with a broken handle near the body.

The friend said he called police after he told Michael Scharpf Breer that he would not help him dump the body.

Penner said there is no clear motive for the killing.

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