A British man will spend 35 days in a local kennel, living like the dogs who are there awaiting new homes. Sean Le Vegan aims to raise awareness about homeless dogs and raise money for Manchester Dogs' Home.

Sean, who is a regular volunteer at the shelter, says the average time a dog spends in the shelter is 35 days so he plans to spend that amount of time in a kennel.

I will eat nothing, only drink for the first four days. This is the average time some dogs take to eat when in an alien environment. My food will be brought to me free of charge by a local business. I will be allowed out of my kennel for just 1 hour each day. This will be the time I use to freshen up and take toilet breaks, he said.

Sean says each day he will share a kennel with at least one dog.

This will be my kennel mate for the day. I will have my water and blanket with no bed. I will living just like any dog in the Manchester Dogs Home, he said.

Sean even went so far as to get microchipped.

Getting a microchip implanted into a dog is simple, quick and pain free. Trying to get yourself microchipped is slightly harder, he said.

He contacted a couple dozen body piercers - all of which declined to help - before he found someone to implant the chip in his arm.

Kennel 35 will begin Oct. 5. Kennel cams linked to his kennel will allow you to watch Sean during his stay at the kennel.

He said he will have a special guest spending one night with him in the kennel but he is sworn to secrecy. You will have to subscribe to the kennel cams to see who the special guest is. It will cost you about $7.50.

Every penny will be going to help Manchester Dogs Home refurbish their home that can house 600 dogs when full, he said.

About 15 dogs are brought to Manchester Dogs' Home each day. Only about 34 percent of dogs that have been found on the streets of Manchester are reclaimed or reunited with their owners.

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