How do you stop public urination? One upset business owner across from Seattle s Occidental Park is taking matters into her own hands.

Joanna Urrego set up two outhouses in the park Thursday morning because she says the city is doing nothing to stop hundreds of people from peeing in the alley beside her business every day.

Our alley behind our shop, behind Klondike Penny s, has become the preferred public toilet of the neighborhood, said Urrego. So we figured if our alley was going to be the restroom anyway, we might as well build outhouses and bring them to where the people are.

Plenty of people were using the outhouses and seemed to appreciate not going in the alley.

There just ain t no restrooms and the ones there are out here are for customers only, so we re stuck, you know. We have to do what we can, said one man named Frank.

Joanna said she was briefly handcuffed later in the afternoon and decided to take the outhouses down, but plans to bring them back again soon.

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