With the Fourth of July holiday now just days away, someone in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood is taking a vigilante approach to illegal fireworks. They're also encouraging others to do the same.

Signs with the following message started showing up on telephone poles throughout Magnolia:

Neighbors don't let neighbors shoot ILLEGAL fireworks in Magnolia! HELP STOP the MADNESS! Grab your camera, videotape the perps; and CALL THE POLICE! Do it for the pets, infants, elderly and ill. Do it because fireworks are ILLEGAL! If YOU don't stop it, who will? No one. Be a good neighbor. Thank you so much!

The sign is getting mixed reviews in Magnolia.

We've lived here a long time and it's never bothered me, but I can see how it might, said one resident. One of my dogs used to get under the couch and do everything he could to get away from the sound of fireworks.

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Others appreciate the message and the grassroots effort to keep the neighborhood safe, but feel the author's strongly-worded message went a bit far.

I don't think it makes sense to bog down the police with all the issues so, to me, it seems like overkill, said Ahamed Iqbal.

The Seattle Police Department reminds people every year that fireworks are prohibited inside city limits. Still, SPD doesn't want people calling 911 if they see or hear fireworks in their neighborhood. Instead, they've set up a non-emergency number for those complaints. It's (206) 625-5011.

SPD says people should call 911 to report fires, injuries, crimes, or any other life-threatening incidents on the Fourth of July. Do not call 911, officers say, to complain about noise from fireworks or the weather.

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