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A bomb squad on Friday detonated and destroyed a suspected pipe bomb that had apparently been sitting in a Port Townsend middle school since the 1990s.

On Friday, a school employee discovered the object while performing maintenance at Blue Heron Middle School and took it to police. The device had reportedly been brought to the school in the 1990s by a student and given to a science teacher.

A Washington State Patrol bomb squad examined the pipe device by X-ray and determined that it contained a powdery substance. It was a metal object approximately 18 inches in length and capped at both ends. There were no wires visible.

The bomb squad detonated the device to destroy it. Preliminary examination indicates that it was constructed to be an explosive device. The materials will be transported to a hazardous waste disposal facility at the port of Port Townsend.

The Mountain View Commons campus and surrounding streets have reopened to the public.

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