TUMWATER, Wash. -- An Olympia man is accused of offering a co-worker cash if he could help make his estranged wife permanently disappear, according to court documents.

A Thurston County judge held Brian Cox, 44, on $800,000 bail following his initial court appearance Wednesday on a solicitation for murder charge.

More details were revealed in the alleged murder-for-hire plot during Wednesday's court proceedings. According to court documents, last month a co-worker of Cox s at the state Department of Financial Services contacted his supervisor. The co-worker said Cox asked him during an elevator ride if he would kill his wife in exchange for half of the woman s $250,000 life insurance policy.

According to investigators, when Cox learned he would not be able to access the insurance money, he lowered his offer to $10,000 in cash, which Cox apparently said would still be less than what a divorce would cost him.

Cox and his wife have been involved in divorce proceedings since January, but she never thought his threats would get to this point.

I felt betrayed. I did everything for him, said Cox's wife, who asked her real name not be used.

She said she's been a wreck since detectives let her know about the investigation into her husband last month.

I wish they haven't told me because I haven't slept. I'm not eating. I'm nauseous all the time just at the thought of it, she said.

In court paperwork filed in March, Cox's wife said her husband has changed and he scares me. I believe that he will hurt me if he has the chance.

She told the court he threatened to fly his plane into her Tumwater home, which is near the Olympia airport where Cox is a flight instructor and owns a Cessna.

For the last six years Cox has worked at the state Department of Financial Institutions in Tumwater as an examiner. He makes sure mortgage brokers and payday lenders are honest with their customers. His boss called Cox a trusted employee.

Cox has repeatedly told police he was not going to hurt his wife. He says she is setting him up.

If Cox is released on bail, he will have to surrender his passport. He reportedly recently had plans to go to Switzerland. He also wouldn't be able to return to work at the Department of Financial Services.

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