The American Heart Association says Hands-Only CPR has been shown to be equally as effective as conventional mouth-to-mouth CPR and people are more likely to feel comfortable performing it. 80 percent of the time, sudden cardiac arrest happens in private or residential settings and giving CPR can double a person's chances of survival.

Suzi Crickmore from theAHAvisited the KING 5 studios Thursday to explain how it works.

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death with about 360,000 cases occurring outside of the hospital every year. But, according to the AHA, less than half of the victims get help before emergency responders arrive. Most Americans feel helpless to act because they don't know how to give CPR or are afraid of hurting the victim.

A free event is being held in Auburn Thursday, June 6, to learn CPR. It's at Multicare Auburn Medical Center, 202 North Division St. from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

You can also watch a video at the AHAwebsite.

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