He's the King County Sheriff's Deputy who funded a charity to help young women escape prostitution.

But as of May 1st, Deputy Andy Conner is on administrative leave while the King County Sheriff's Office investigates allegations that thousands of dollars may have gone missing.

Sources tell KING 5 that the allegations surfaced a few weeks ago that money had gone missing from the Genesis Project, a drop in center in the Sea-Tac/Tukwila area where young women involved in prostitution can receive help.

It's been a passion for Deputy Conner, but now it's landed him at the center of an internal investigation.

For decades along Highway 99, women and even girls, have sold their bodies for money and vice cops have arrested them.

ButDeputy Connerwas so frustrated by the lack of services for women who wanted to leave the sex trade, he founded the Genesis Project in 2011.

He was honored as the King County Municipal League Citizen of the Year last year.

It's been a success. Seventy-four young women have sought refuge at the Genesis Project and tens of thousands of dollars in donations have poured in.

But on May 1st,Deputy Connergot a call not to come to work.

He said I'm being put on administrative leave, said Laura Conner,hiswife. In front of your house you have to take out your badge and gun and handcuffs and no one even gives you a chance to defend yourself.

Laura, who works part-time at the center, says they got no explanation, but believes it may be over $7,500 he transferred to a corporate account.

We have it to the penny. Every receipt. Every dollars spent since we opened the project, said Laura.

Laura says under department policy, her husband can't talk to us while he's under investigation, but says she's furious about the allegations.

My husband...he'll be completely innocent. The people at the police department know that too, said Laura.

Laura says they have a professional accountant handling the books for who can vouch for all of the money that's come into the non-profit Genesis Project and all of the expenditures.
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