The NBA has made it clear that it does not want the Sacramento Kings relocating to Seattle. The league's Board of Governors rejected the attempt to move the team for the upcoming season.

But what does that mean for the city s approach to getting a team one day?

The window to get a stadium built and a team landed to fill it remains open for another four years.

Sonics fan Jason MedVed is still holding out hope for an expansion team.

And I think expansion's got to be a reality for us. I've got to hold hope, behind the doors, behind the scenes we can maneuver, he said.

Mayor Mike McGinn says the city and Chris Hansen's ownership group still have time to pull something together. If anything, the opportunity to bring in the Kings came sooner than he expected.

We knew going in this was a long term endeavor, he said. So we just have to be ready, to keep being prepared to get an NBA team, and again, we're fortunate to have an ownership group like this, and we're really fortunate to have the fan support that we have.

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