Many people are thinking about the gifts they ll be buying their moms and wives, but as we prepare to spend more than $18 billion this holiday weekend it s important to be aware of the scams out there.

David Quinlan of the Better Business Bureau joined KING 5 in studio to talk about the four things scammers are doing.

Whether you re buying or receiving gifts, Quinlan points out the top ways scammers go after you:

  • E-cards
  • Gifts
  • Vouchers
  • Florists

With e-cards, he recommends the recipient verify the sender because there could be malware within the email attachments.

If you re looking into vouchers, he urges you to read the fine print, and he encourages you to make sure a florist is accredited with the BBB before placing an order.

Often times it s very hard to get your money back, but check with the BBB, the Attorney General or the Federal Trade Commission, Quinlan said.

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