They will be the Games of the 33rd Olympiad - the 2024 Summer Olympics, which will follow the 2020 Summer Olympics, which will follow the party in Rio de Janeiro where they are furiously prepping for the NEXT Summer Olympics in 2016.

They could be ours, if we want them badly enough to fight for them.

Seattle is one of 35 American cities invited by the U.S. Olympic Committee to consider submitting a bid to play host in 2024.

Mayor Mike McGinn has asked the Seattle Sports Commission to at least examine the bid process, to see if the city should get involved. Could it really happen?

Sure. This is a world-class city, this is a world-class event, said SSC Director Roger Morton, The question is, is it feasible? Does it make sense long-term financially?

That s a big question with some big dollar-signs potentially attached to it. New York and Chicago, the last two American cities to be officially presented to the International Olympic Committee as potential hosts, each spent $10 million for the privilege of eventually being turned down. The USOC is trying to streamline the process this time and make it cheaper.

Even so, any eventual realistic contender has a lot of work to do and a lot of questions to answer. The SSC is at the very beginning of figuring out if it s worth the effort and the cost. Morton says they re just a few days into the study.

Do we have to build a lot of buildings? Do we have to do all that? Or, can we do something that already fits within a lot of the infrastructure we already have? asked Morton.

The IOC won t announce a host city for 2024 until 2017. And it will be two years before the USOC has to decide on whether to offer ANY American city as a potential host.

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