BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Bellevue is looking to bring business from the Far East to the Eastside.

The city is using social media to break down barriers in China and says it is already paying off.

High above Downtown Bellevue on the 11th floor is a chinese capital.

We have become the largest search engine marketing firm in China, said Dr. Zhaohui Tang.

Tang is the CEO of Beijing-based adSage. He picked downtown Bellevue to explore a new frontier.

We think we can help U.S. advertisers reach Chinese consumers with the same technology, said Tang.

adSage is the first big Chinese company to plant their roots in Bellevue.

Bellevue's Economic Development Director Thomas Boydell says the city has been making a strategic play to the Far East.

We've been trying to reach across the ocean, said Thomas Boydell. There is trick to getting past the great wall into China and then speaking to people in Chinese.

The city has been marketing Chinese American and Bellevue Mayor Conrad Lee through Chinese social media with ads on the country's version of YouTube, called Youku, and Weibo, the twitter variation.

The city also created a dual language site called BellevueCN and says it's now trying to close dozens of deals to bring offices here.

This can be used as a bridge between China and the U.S., said Tang.

Tang says the bounty of qualified employees in this tech market and the non-stop flights to his native China will continue to make the Eastside

for the Far East a fertile market.

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