YELM, Wash. - Clare Wade was so confident she had the winning numbers, she bought two lottery tickets.

She was right. She and her daughter Barbara split two $10,000 jackpots in a Match 4 game in January.

But don t call them lucky.

We have been taught by our master teacher our thoughts create our reality, said Barbara Wade, who credits the teachings at Ramtha s School of Enlightenment in Yelm for her winnings.

Since 1988 students have come to Yelm from around the world to learn the teachings of an ancient man named Ramtha.

JZ Knight, the school s founder, claims to channel the warrior from Atlantis.

The school markets itself as a place where students learn to use their minds to create their own realities.

Within the last year the school incorporated picking lottery numbers into the lessons. And the school claims it has paid off.

A spokesperson said nine of the 2000 students have won lottery jackpots totaling $120,000 since last October.

That s not counting the winnings at local casinos.

This is not wishing, this is not gambling, it has nothing to do with faith, said Steve Klein, the school s Event Services Manager.

It s an evolution of the teachings that have been going on for 25 years, said Klein.

A state lottery official said there s no proof Ramtha students have any better odds than others.
The school and its methods have always had its critics.

There is a history of that organization making claims in order to bring members in, said Breckan Scott, a lawyer who represents former students.

Scott said her clients are upset their former school has incorporated a game of chance into its marketing campaign.

All of them would express a deep concern for the public, and a deep concern for other people that they not be deceived by this, said Scott.

JZ Knight was not available for comment for this story.

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