A judge at the King County Jail set bail at $2.5 million for Mark W. Mullan on Tuesday afternoon.
Mullan is the suspect in the car-versus-pedestrian accident on Monday in Seattle's Wedgwood neighborhood.

The accident happened at the intersection of 33rd Avenue Northeast and Northeast 75th Street. Two people were killed, and a mother and child are at Harborview in critcial condition.

Police arrested Mullan, 50, for investigation of vehicular homicide and suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Court documents say Mullan had a preliminary breath test showed a blood alcohol level of .22, more than twice the legal limit.

Results of a toxicology test are pending.

The Washington Department of Licensing confirmed that Mullan was driving without a valid driver's license on Monday.

According to court records, Mullan has had at least two DUI's in recent months prior to Monday's arrest.

Last October, Mullan was arrested for a DUI in Snohomish County.

Then, just after Christmas, he was charged with driving under the influence and a hit and run that caused property damage. In the second incident, Mullan was also driving without motor vehicle insurance.

The property damage was at the Seal s Motel on Aurora Avenue North. Mullan was in his truck and twice rammed the motel.

He hit that with some real force, said motel manager Mike Kelly, describing the brick wall that was damaged.

The police report from that day shows Mullan's blood alcohol level at .32 - four times the legal limit. He had apparently spent Christmas Eve alone with his booze.

A half gallon of some kind of vodka sitting on his dresser, said Kelly.

Mullan was scheduled to go on trial next month for a DUI arrest in Snohomish County in 2008. In that case, the court ordered that an ignition interlock device be installed in his car.

Mullan s friends and relatives say he is a nice guy, mired deep in alcoholism and drugs.

His sentence for the Christmas Day incident was dropped from 364 days to 13 days. The original fine of $5,000 was cut to $595.

This guy was just in a hit and run, drunk driving in our parking lot, a few months ago, what s he doing on the street? said Kelly.

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