Franklin Pierce High School Assistant Football Coach Dave Naron has been at it for 19 years, pushing his players to work their hardest at everything they do.

You gotta graduate to something in life. And you don't get a medal for being lazy, he says.

When his grades started to slip, Jordan Carleson learned that the real heavy lifting comes in the classroom.

Coach Naron makes sure his players' minds are as strong as their bodies.

I show up every day for lifting. He has me sit down in the office and work on the homework and he watches over me, said Jordan.

But unlike other coaches, Naron extends that work ethic from the school yard to the front yard. He runs The Grounds Guys landscaping.

For the past 15 years when a student needed a job, or even just a bit of perspective, naron found there is no better teacher than a day of dirty work.

Locke Devers is one of the coach's pet projects. A good solid kid, he needed inspiration to figure out what he wants to do with his life.

Naron taught him you have to get your hands dirty to accomplish anything. It s an invaluable lesson for today's coddled kids.

The whole idea of reach them now before they have to be rescued later so they understand the idea of hard work, said Naron.

The glamorous world of garden tools enlightening Locke to go to college

I know what hard work is now, he said.

Inside each one of them, they have the potential to change thousands of lives in their future. If you can tap into that, you've made the difference in their life to make a difference in other's lives, said Naron.

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