Like many women, I m a busy mom and guilty of not putting fitness first. It s so hard to fit working out in. How do you do it?

When I asked this question online, our Facebook friend Yuko Inoie said she lost 115 pounds and shared her before and after pictures.

My 30th birthday was my biggest goal, said Yuko. I thought, I want to lose. I forgot what the goal was, but I wanted to feel good about myself, have this birthday party and do it!

She did reach her fitness goal by that birthday, and two years later, she s down even more.

The way she did it? A mix of working out and utilizing technology. She uses My Fitness Pal, a free app that helps you track your food and exercise on the go.

Her trainer Dre Mosby, owner of Pro-Fit Personal Training, could also access the information from My Fitness Pal, which Yuko says helped keep her on track.

If you don t have a trainer, you can use an app created in Seattle called Remix Workouts. You just pull your workouts up on your phone or iPad and it ll take you through the moves in the comfort of your own living room.

Remix costs $9.99 to download, but you get two workouts for free before you have to pay.

Yuko s trainer says the biggest reason Yuko reached her goal is because she prioritized her time.

Just carve out 20 minutes for yourself, said Dre. If you don't do it, your husband won't do it, your kids won't do it. Nobody will make that time for you, so you have to make it a priority.

If I can do it, it's funny to think anyone can do it, said Yuko. It's just recommitting yourself and making a change to your lifestyle.

We asked viewers What motivates you to work out? and here s what they shared.

So after all those workouts, you might want to take a trip for some rest and relaxation. What are your favorite sites or apps for traveling? We ll tackle that topic on our next Connect with Jenni Hogan segment on Thursday.

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