Vandals tagged up a part of Seattle s Central District with graffiti early Sunday morning. They hit several buildings, including the Mount Calvary Christian Center.

Church members say the area is known for gang activity, but this is alarming.

Anytime you ve got some wicked spirits in you, you re going to get some wicked stuff, said Webb Walker, a member of the congregation.

The side of the church s main building and its teen center were vandalized, totaling up to $600 in damage. It s the third time this year Mount Calvary has been hit.

If you re angry with us come talk to us, don t do cowardly things like this, said Reggie Witherspoon, the church s pastor.

So far, it seems like no one saw the people responsible. Church members say people that did and chose to not say anything are just as guilty as the criminals are.

When people fall in the street, are you going to pick them up? Or just drive by? said Walker.

Across the parking lot, Med Mix, a Mediterranean restaurant was also targeted. Owner Otman Bezzaz estimates up to $400 in damages. A similar incident happened two months ago with similar markings.

Mount Calvary purchased paint to cover over the graffiti.

That s just money, we ll solve that, said Walker.

When it happens again, we ll solve it again and then when their arms get tired, they ll stop it, he said.

Crime statistics weren t available from Seattle Police.

According to Spot Crime, an online crime map, there have been 40 incidents involving graffiti in the central district this year.

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