What a bittersweet mistake!

I sat down late last night with the February issue of Seattle mag, and immediately started drooling over the gorgeous photos and mouthwatering prose describing the city s finest chocolate makers and treat purveyors.

The big bad burn was that my cupboards were bare, not even a square of my favorite bar, Theo s Dark with Salted Almonds, which is a staple... along with the low-brow box of Junior Mints kept in the freezer. (Thanks to the Bay Theater in Ballard for turning me on to that cool trick!)

So, I m strongly cautioning you now, dear readers, step away from the magazine unless you have access to Lesley s Gourmet Chile Soft Caramel or Fran s Chocolate Covered Blenheim Apricots or what s this? Bakery Nouveau s William Leaman further cements our adoration by creating a lineup of beautiful confections? Who knew?

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