We always have a great time discussing stories making headlines with Margaret and guest panelists. Today's guests included: Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur, Chef Tom Douglas and Margo Myers, Executive Director of The Springboard Academy. They weighed in on a number of stories, including the remains of King Richard III found buried in a supermarket parking lot, to deal breakers in relationships, the salacious way a public library in Scotland is trying to boost business... and more!

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Here's a list of the stories we discussed in today's Hot Topics segment (click on each title to read the corresponding story):

USPS announces plan to stop Saturday mail delivery

Skeleton of King Richard III uncovered in a parking lot in Leicester, England

Dating deal breakers for singles in America

Library in Scotland offers free pole dancing class to draw visitors

The Secret life of Taste Buds (what your taste buds say about you)

Study finds more people suffering from Facebook Fatigue

Girls at Catholic school in New Jersey encouraged to take pledge to not swear

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