Gunmen are still at large after touching off a shooting and panic and at a Parkland McDonalds. One person was wounded and many others are still shaken up.

This had all the makings of a major catastrophe. The noon rush was beginning at the restaurant. A lot of people were inside when an argument broke out and then gun fire.

Terrified customers found themselves diving for cover.

My kids were in the play area and I was ordering and some kids or young adults just started yelling, said Becky Jackson.

There seemed to be some kind of argument or dispute between them, one group of young people left, another group pursued them, several shots were fired, said Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor

So I just went to the play area and told everyone to get down and grabbed my kids and put them down, so we just all sat down on the ground, said Jackson.

Bullets were flying, one member of fleeing group was struck in the hand. Two bullets struck a car dealership across the street. The two groups scattered by the time police arrived.

Police fanned out to search for them but apparently came up empty.

Police were left with plenty of evidence - more than a half dozen shell casings in the parking lot - and plenty of very nervous witnesses.

Police have the one victim who was taken to the hospital with a wound to his hand. They hope to get some detailed descriptions from him. They are angry because this could have ended up much differently, they want to make sure they find whoever did the shooting and get them off the street.

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