TACOMA, Wash. -- Friday marked the first birthday of a baby boy who was born inside a broken-down elevator in Tacoma last year.

Baby Blake, still known as the elevator baby, came into the world in an unexpected way when his parents raced to St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma last January, ready to give birth. On the way up, the hospital s elevator broke and got stuck with pregnant mom inside.

Blake was born while stuck between two floors. His dad had to climb down into the elevator to cut the cord. The family s midwife and two nurses were also present.

The family is doing well, though mom says she still can t shake her nerves whenever she sees those metal sliding doors.

I hate elevators, she said. I've always been scared of them because of the what if's, and it's a joke, because it really happened.

A spokesperson for the hospital said Blake is the only baby they know of born in one of their elevators.

KING 5's Elisa Hahn contributed to this report.

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