Barack Obama, 2009 - Largest attendance of any event in the history of Washington, D.C.

George W. Bush, 2005 - First live Web Cam of inaugural platform construction.

Bill Clinton, 1997 - First Inaugural ceremony broadcast live on the Internet.

Ronald Reagan, 1985 - Coldest Inauguration day on record, with a noon temperature of 7 degrees Fahrenheit. The ceremonial swearing-in took place in the Capitol Rotunda due to the cold. The ceremony was held on January 21st because the 20th occurred on a Sunday. Reagan s official swearing in was held privately on the 20th.

Ronald Reagan, 1981 Unlike his second inauguration, Reagan s first was the warmest on record with a noon temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jimmy Carter, 1977 - First President to walk from the Capitol to the White House in the parade following the swearing-in ceremony.

Gerald Ford, 1974 - First unelected Vice President to become President. He assumed the presidency following the resignation of Richard Nixon. Nixon would be the first president to resign from office.

Richard Nixon, 1969 - Took the oath of office on two Bibles; both family heirlooms.

Lyndon Johnson, 1965 - Security was tight following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. For the first time, the President rode in a bullet-proofed limousine.

Lyndon Johnson, 1963 Only president to be sworn in on an airplane. Johnson took the oath aboard Air Force One on Nov. 22, 1963 following Kennedy s assassination.

John F. Kennedy, 1961 - First time a poet, Robert Frost, participated in the Inaugural program.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953 - Broke precedent by reciting his own prayer after taking the oath, rather than kissing the Bible.

Harry S. Truman, 1949 - First televised Inaugural ceremony. He assumed the presidency four years earlier after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1945 - First and only President sworn in for a fourth term, which lasted less than three months until his death. (The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution limited Presidential terms to two.) In 1941, he was also the only president to be inaugurated for a third term.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1937 - First President Inaugurated on January 20th, a change made by the 20th Amendment to the Constitution.

Herbert Hoover, 1929 - First Inaugural ceremony recorded by talking newsreel.

Calvin Coolidge, 1925 - First time a former President, William H. Taft, administered the oath of office as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Coolidge assumed the presidency three years earlier following the death of Warren G. Harding.

Warren G. Harding, 1921 - First President to ride to and from his Inauguration in an automobile.

Woodrow Wilson, 1917 - First time women participated in the Inaugural parade.

Theodore Roosevelt, 1905 - First time telephone lines were installed at the U.S. Capitol for an Inauguration. Roosevelt assumed presidency four years earlier following the assassination of William McKinley.

William McKinley, 1897 - First Inaugural ceremony recorded by a motion picture camera
Grover Cleveland, 1885 and 1893 - Only president to have served two non-consecutive terms.

Abraham Lincoln, 1865 - African Americans participated in the Inaugural parade for the first time.

Abraham Lincoln, 1861 - Lincoln's procession to the Capitol was surrounded by heavily armed calvary and infantry, providing an unprecedented amount of protection for the President-elect as the nation stood on the brink of war.

James Buchanan, 1857 - First Inauguration known to have been photographed.

James K. Polk, 1845 - First Inauguration covered by telegraph.

John Tyler, 1841 - First Vice President to assume Presidency upon the death of the President.

Martin Van Buren, 1837 - First President who was not born a British subject.

Thomas Jefferson, 1801 - First inauguration in Washington, D.C.

John Adams, 1797 - First president to receive the oath of office from a Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

George Washington, 1789 First inauguration.

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