Kale Chips

(Makes about 40 chips)

The new craze sweeping the nation involves the simplest of preparations, but the end result is surprisingly delicious! Starting with organic dark green or red kale and adding a dash of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt, these addicitve snacks are crispy and flavorful (like green potato chips!) and oh so very good for you.

1 bunch kale (I prefer dinosaur kale, but any type works beautifully)

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt or kosher salt to taste

Preheat your oven to 300 degrees F.

Wash the kale and dry it well. Remove the center stem from the kale leaves and cut each half leaf into about 3 pieces. Place the pieces in a large bowl and drizzle with the olive oil. With your fingers, massage the oil into all of the little nooks and crannies of the kale.

Spread the cut pieces out on baking pans in a single layer. (This helps make them crispy). Roast the kale for 12-20 minutes, (depending on how hearty the kale leaves are) or until it is starting to gently brown at the edges and become crisp. Don't overcook.

Sprinkle with sea salt and eat sooner rather than later. Bet you can't eat just one!

Note: For sea salt and vinegar chips: You may sprinkle about 1 teaspon vinegar on the kale before

roasting, or you can use a good quality vinegar as a dipping sauce after the chiops are cooked.

Optional seasonings:

Lemon pepper

Seasoned salts

Finely ground Italian herb blends

Nutritional Yeast

Use your imagination!

Recipe developed by Lynne Vea

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