EDMONDS, Wash. - It's a devil of a dilema, a big football game scheduled at the same time as church service, but prayers were answered at the North Sound Church in Edmonds.

The Pastor, Barry Crane, simply moved the service time to accomodate the Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons play-off game.

Some people would say you should never move a service for a football game, said Pastor Crane. But our church members are Seahawks fans, and they love God, so why not combine the two.

Before the service, the church held a tailgate party. Balloons with Seahawks colors were placed in the house of worship.

We are grateful we can come to church and celebrate God and also celebrate our community and the Seahawks, said parishioner Cary Carney.

The church soon filled up, at least two hundred people attending. After song, prayer and worship, the service wrapped up. On time. Everyone was out the door by 9:45 am. Plenty of time to get home for kick-off at 10 am.

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