EVERETT, Wash. -- With the recent cold snap, shelters around Snohomish County are opening their doors and filling up.

When the temperature drops to 36 degrees or below, the Everett Gospel Mission opens its doors to anyone -- men, women and families that are looking to stay warm.

On freezing cold nights, the mission has what they call couch stays, when people can walk in and sleep on their couches, cots or mats. The mission saw more people during the holidays than in previous years.

The truth is there are not enough beds in any community to satisfy the need of people who are homeless, said Sylvia Anderson, Everett Gospel Mission s CEO.

The mission has seen the face of homelessness change over the years. The mission is seeing more single women in their 40 s and 50 s.

No, I never thought I d be homeless at my age, said Dee Dee who was laid off from Boeing last year. I have three kids plus grandkids. Here I am jobless, penniless, homeless. It's a bit of a rude-awakening.

A friend told Dee Dee to call 211, an emergency service number in Snohomish County. They give people the names and phone numbers of agencies for food, shelter, clothes, medical help and transportation.

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