Officials will start crafting a plan to remove a dock that floated to a remote part of the Olympic National Park on Monday, according to Washington s Department of Ecology. Though bearing no markings to the effect, analysis of species on the dock indicate it s from the Japanese tsunami of 2011.

Ecology officials said Saturday getting to the dock requires a three-mile hike, including until recently a creek with chest-high water.

It s in some of the most remote parts of the Olympic National Park, said department spokesperson Curt Hart.

Despite its location, park officials want the dock removed for safety and potential pollution concerns. Even though crews removed possible invasive species and found no radiation, Styrofoam is inside the dock and could leak out.

Monday, state and federal officials will start discussing how removing the dock should be paid for. The Governor s office has released $500,000 for tsunami debris, but the dock is technically on federal land. Hart said the hope is the federal government will chip in.

We ll work to remove the dock and assess costs and determine how this is going to be paid for (later), he explained.

A removal plan should be crafted within the next few weeks, said Hart.

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