NORTH BEND, Wash. - Family members of a North Bend woman killed in a hit and run on New Year's morning are devastated that the driver is still at large.

Thursday night at his dining room table, John Dochnahl talked about the love of his life, Lucy Pieczatkowski.

She was the best friend I ever had, sobbed Dochnahl. How does somebody not blame themselves for what happened.

He was with Lucy, his girlfriend of 7 years, celebrating New Years with friends. The group was leaving Oldtown Snoqualmie when there was a disagreement. Lucy got out of the car and walked away.

I didn t know where she was, said Lucy's son, Erik Pieczatkowski. We got a call from the Sheriff's.

Erik learned his mother was found in a ditch around 3 a.m. on New Year's day. Investigators said she was hit by a vehicle and killed on 394th Place SE near North Bend..

What we need for closure is for justice to be served, said Erik.

The King County Sheriff s office did find a broken headlight at the scene. Wednesday detectives found a damaged truck in the North Bend area that is now considered key evidence. No arrest have been made.

Bob Fisher, Lucy's father, said it is time for the driver to accept responsibility.

Come out, tell the truth of what you did. Let s get it over with, said Fisher. It really hasn t hit me yet, and I am afraid that when it does I am going to collapse.

Learn more about Lucinda Fisher Pieczatkowski and a memorial fund her family has set up here:

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