This KING 5 Children's HealthLink special hosted by Jean Enersen features segments on children served by Seattle Children's Hospital, and the work by other young people in the community to support the care and research conducted at the hospital.

In the special, you will meet Clayton Beasley, a kidney patient whose experiences inspired him to sing.

And you'll meet the young members of several junior guilds that raise money for the hospital, including the Pink Bandana Guild, the Pearly Whites Guild, and the Pink Polka Dots Guild.

You'll also be introduced to Tiffany Leahy, a young author who is donating her time at Seattle Children's -- in addition to some of the profits from her books.

Then there are the students from Mercer Island High School who donate books and reading lessons to children who pass through the Odessa Brown Clinic, and the students from Rainier Beach High School who make blankets and cards for Seattle Children's patients.

You'll meet the students at the University of Washington and Seattle University who are organizing dance marathons to raise money for the hospital.

And you will meet the young girls behind Coins for Chloe and Callie's Coffee.

Click the following links to watch each of the segments.

The Pink Polka Dots Guild

Callie's Coffee and the Ben Towne Foundation

Teens bring comfort to Seattle Children's patients

Coins for Chloe

Making music and dancing for Seattle Children's Hospital

Teens support the gift of reading

Author Tiffany Leahy

Pearly Whites raise money for Seattle Children's

Clayton's message of hope

Meet the Pink Bandanas Guild

How you can help Seattle Children's Hospital

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