SEATTLE The year s not quite over, but it appears Boeing is beating out Airbus for new airplane orders in a big way. And for the first time since 2007, Boeing is reclaiming its title as the world s biggest jet producer.

Boeing racked up 1,121 orders for jets, including six 777s announced Friday morning for Taiwan s China Airlines. Airbus currently has 821 orders for 2012, 300 fewer than Boeing. For Airbus, 175 of those orders came just this month, and both sides could announce more, but as of Friday both Boeing and Airbus are off on their holiday break till after New Year s Day.

Boeing last beat out Airbus by about 75 jets in 2007, when it had more than a record 1,400 orders. This year is not a record, but Boeing s Vice President of Marketing, Randy Tinseth calls 2012 a very, very good year.

As the executive who oversees preparation of the Current Market Outlook, an annual gaze forward into the future of jet sales, Tinseth sees stability, as U.S. airlines rejoined the ranks of those carriers placing big orders, coupled with rapidly growing markets in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

As it continues to grow and diversify, it will continue to be resilient, said Tinseth. And that s good for us and that s good for the community. That s good for the aviation business.

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