Wind whipped waves slamming into bulk heads provided quite a show for spectators on beaches all over Puget Sound. But the combination of high winds and a king tide left some homes, businesses and roads damaged.

King tides are especially high tides that usually come and go without a problem, but this time it hit during a powerful wind storm.

In Des Moines it rattled Highline Community College's Marine Center. It damaged the siding, flooded some rooms and knocked out power to the aquarium. That almost proved deadly to tanks full of sea creatures.

With the power out the pumps that supply the tanks with fresh sea water went down. Managers said the octopus, starfish and several other creatures would die from lack of oxygen if the pumps did not start up again soon.
Electricians were finally able to hook up a generator to the pumps and the sea life was saved.

For residents in the Day Island neighborhood in University Place, it will be a long clean-up process. Waves crashed into the streets and homes before receding with the tide. Repairs may be costly for some, but most residents say this is something they have learned to deal with.

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