Seattle, WA December 19, 2012 Bill Predmore, owner of the new women s professional soccer team in Seattle, today announced that Seattle Reign FC has been selected as the name of the club. Seattle Reign FC is slated to begin its pre-season in March of 2013 with the regular season commencing in April 2013.

Today s announcement is the result of a thoughtful process to identify the name that best represents the values of our club, articulates our long-term ambitions and celebrates the community within which our supporters live, said Predmore. Seattle Reign FC meets all of those objectives and at the same time honors the legacy of professional women s sports in Seattle. Like the Seattle Sounders, whose fans selected a name that honored those who pioneered the sport of soccer in Seattle in the early 1970 s. Seattle Reign FC was, in part, selected to pay homage those visionaries the leaders and players of the Seattle Reign women s basketball team who pioneered professional women s sports in Seattle.

The Seattle Reign women s basketball team, who played in the American Basketball League (ABL) from 1996 through 1998, helped lay the foundation for professional women s sports in Seattle.

The ABL Reign was beloved by many women's sports fans, so it's great to know that the Seattle Reign name will have the chance to live on in the hearts of sports fans in our state, said Anne Levinson, who led the effort to get the ABL franchise in Seattle in 1996 and then 11 years later formed a local ownership group to acquire the Seattle Storm to keep the team from being moved out of state with the Sonics. The Seattle Reign FC will have some of the most talented female athletes in the world. It will be exciting to see them embraced by the community.

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