Holiday shopping is in full swing and criminals are looking for the perfect find too, only in the parking lot.

While Christmas can be expensive, criminals are upping the stakes by stealing. Our own careless mistakes or oversight may be inviting them to do it.

Folks real comfortable here in Puyallup, said Puyallup Police Sgt. Dan Pashon.

Puyallup police started its 8th annual Not in Puyallup enforcement, which is aimed at reducing car theft and break-ins by with extra patrols at malls and businesses.

Folks get in that Christmas shopping mode and they don t really think about the fact that there are people looking in their cars trying to take what they ve just purchased, said Sgt. Pashon.

Joy Pylkki is one of the shoppers at South Hill Mall where police are keeping a close watch.

I try to keep things in my trunk, she said.

Police and volunteers are looking for anyone lingering in the parking lot or looking into cars.

Thirty seconds for them to get into your car, they break your window, take your bags and they re gone, said Sgt. Pashon.

Members of Volunteers in Public Service spotted a woman that looked suspicious outside the mall. She was a shoplifter and was eventually arrested with another accomplice.

Don t do it here because we re looking for ya, said Jay, a volunteer.

Puyallup police reported two car break-ins and a stolen car Friday night after the special enforcement.

Enforcement continues in Puyallup through the holiday season.

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