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The Seattle Mariners have suffered the biggest 10-year drop in attendance among the four major sports leagues in America, according to a new analysis by 24/7 Wall Street.

The Mariners saw a 51.4 percent decline over the past decade since 2002, when it finished 93-69 and placed 3rd in the American League West. It was 75-87 this past season and finished 4th in the division.

Season ticket sales have fallen 61 percent over that same period, not to mention the lost revenue by surrounding businesses that rely on fans coming to games.

Although several good players remain, such as perfect game pitcher Felix Hernandez, the team has been unable to keep fans interested. Not only has average attendance declined a major league sports-leading 51.4%, but stadium capacity last season was an MLB-low 44.4%, the analysis reads. The team has even attempted to move outfield fences inward to create a better on-field product.

The newSafeco Field dimensions will debut next season.

No other team appears close to unseating the Mariners for the dubious honor. The next-closest franchise, the Cleveland Indians, has seen a 38.7 percent drop in fans.

Among the 13 teams named on the list, the Mariners is the only one that has not made the postseason since 2002. The Detroit Pistons is the only team listed that has won a league title in the past decade.

The 13 teams with the biggest attendance declines:

1. Seattle Mariners; MLB; -51.4 percent
2. Cleveland Indians; MLB -38.7 percent
3. Houston Astros; MLB; -36.1 percent
4. Arizona Diamondbacks; MLB; -32.0 percent
5. Dallas Stars; NHL; -23.2 percent
6. Oakland Athletics; MLB; -22.6 percent
7. Detroit Pistons; NBA; -22.3 percent
8. New York Mets; MLB; -22 percent
9. Baltimore Orioles; MLB; -19.7 percent
10. Columbus Blue Jackets; NHL; -19.2 percent
11. Washington Wizards; NBA; - 19.1 percent
12. Milwaukee Bucks; NBA; -19.0 percent
13. Miami Dolphins; NFL; -17.1 percent

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