Now that Thanksgiving is over, it s time to start getting ready for the next round of holidays! Whether you prefer cutting your own Christmas tree or having someone else do it for you, the trick is finding one that will last through the next few weeks. Ciscoe Morris has some tips for choosing and maintaining your Christmas tree!

How to choose and care for a cut Christmas tree so that it will stay fresh:

  • Look for a tree that has the darkest green color of all of the same kind of trees on the lot. Usually it will be the freshest.
  • When no one is looking, give the tree the thump test by gently thumping the living tweetle out of the base of the tree on the ground. You're looking to see if tons of needles fall off. If that happens, pick a different tree.
  • As soon as you get it home, cut at least a half-inch off the base of the trunk and then put the tree in warm water.
  • If you aren't going to bring it in for a while, keep the tree in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Make sure the base remains in water at all times.
  • In the house, make sure the reservoir in the stand never dries out. Keep temperatures at 70 or below during the day, cooler at night.
  • If pets are causing trouble, climbing or playing with the ornaments, try spraying a bit of hot pepper spray. DON'T SPRAY IT ON ELECTRIC WIRES!!! You can by pepper spray at many of your local nurseries. I'm not at all sure it will work.
  • Don't forget to give your favorite gardening friends some glitter covered Brussels sprouts ornaments for an extra classy holiday decoration!

    Happy Holidays!

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