SEATTLE -- First it was heavy rains that overwhelmed the people of Nickelsville, now it is the public's generosity.

Homeless people who have been camping out at Nickelsville watched Monday as rain flooded the site they set up off of West Marginal Way in South Seattle. Dozens of tents were flooded, and belongings were ruined.

Nickelsville resident Steve Westfall said, we need warm blankets and sleeping bags because a lot of people have been soaked.

Once reports about what was plaguing Nickelsville reached the public, there was an outpouring of support. People who wanted to help started showing up Tuesday night. Someone brought pizzas. Others carried in tubs of water and supplies. One man arrived to tell the group he'd be back tomorrow.

We heard the call and we are excited to come down tomorrow and bring hot food. We're bringing shelters, tarps, and anything else you guys need, he said.

Grateful for the help, Westfall said, this gives the group a good fighting chance.

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