RENTON, Wash. - An elderly driver slammed her car into a Renton Farmers Insurance Office, killing a 60-year-old woman working inside. The victim was the office manager.

It happened around 10:40 a.m. Wednesday at Logan Avenue South near the Renton Airport.

It s shocking, it s shocking, you feel helpless, said Kathy Dixon, an agent and close friend of the victim.

Dixon was in her office when she heard a loud crash. The victim was sitting by the front window of the office when a woman in her 80s lost control of a Buick and slammed right into the building where the office manager was sitting.

Couldn t get to her, couldn t see her, couldn t hear her, said Dixon.

The victim was pinned under the front of the car. Firefighters pulled her out and tried to revive her.

(We did) CPR probably for an excess of 25-30 minutes, said Captain Doug McDonald of the Renton Fire Department.

The victim eventually died on scene.

I m so upset for her family, said Mayda Eng, who knew the victim.

Eng, who owns a sub sandwich shop across the street, says the office manager was one of her customers. She s not surprised it happened. A car has crashed into her business five times in the last three years.

The street is too close to the buildings and the people drive too fast, she said.

The elderly driver wasn t injured, but Renton Police Commander Clark Wilcox says she was shook up.

I m just hoping as everyone else is, this was an accident, said Wilcox.

Dixon and co-workers attempted to clean up and put the office back together, but according to Dixon, one piece of it will be missing.

She was a true friend to me, I m going to miss her a lot, said Dixon.

Investigators are looking into if the crash was the result of human or mechanical error.

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