The Seattle City Council has made final budget decisions, but the 2013-2014 budget has angered several Rainier Beach neighborhood leaders.

In Friday's final budget session, the council voted to eliminate Communities Uniting Rainier Beach (CURB). CURB, targeted for elimination three years ago, is designed to keep at risk kids out of trouble with police.

The vote outraged several south Seattle citizens who crowded into the council chambers.

The day after Obama was elected, we were served notice that this program was going to be eliminated, said CURB program coordinator Nature Carter.

This is one cut that involves people of color in Rainier Beach. The other programs are being sustained,

Within a few hours, the council reversed itself saying it will postpone a decision to cut CURB. But money for another youth program got stalled.

Mayor McGinn had recommended an extra $3 million be added to the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.

The council voted to put the additional funding on hold until the initiative is evaluated.

We just want to make sure before we spend an additional $3 million for that program that the evaluation is in place, said Budget Committee Chair Tim Burgess.

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