Metro Transit is investigating claims that a uniformed employee removed political campaign signs.

A volunteer with the Rob McKenna Campaign says he was emailed pictures of a Metro Transit worker pulling up the signs near Safeco Field.

There were about 4 or 5 of them in that area, said Delandria Lloyd, who works across the street.

People that work in the area say the signs are either missing or no longer visible. Several McKenna Campaign signs are scattered across the ground. In one of the emailed pictures, it appears the man in it is smiling about taking the signs.

It s against county policy and it s against the law, said Terry Thomas, a campaign volunteer.

According to Thomas, signs have been missing the last several weeks.

It s no secret that Metro Transit Union workers have endorsed Jay Inslee for Governor, he said.

In a statement, Metro Transit General Manager Kevin Desmond said: We have launched an investigation. In the meantime, we will remind Metro employees of the County s policy prohibiting political activity while at work or in uniform.

No matter who wins the election, Lloyd says kids that see this type of behavior by adults are the losers.

It s saying that maybe they just don t care at all, then they won t care and then that s our future, she said.

Thomas claims he would be equally upset if Inslee signs were taken. He said it's not about politics, it's about principle.

Metro can t confirm that the man in the pictures is in fact a driver because of the open investigation.

Transit Union Local 587 Paul Bachtel didn t return calls for comment. Anyone caught tampering with campaign signs could be charged with a misdemeanor offense.

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