SEATTLE -- Elections may not be won or lost on highway overpasses, but supporters of same-sexmarriage felt campaigning above Interstate 5 Monday night could not hurt.

Hopefully someone will say, I see all thosepeople up there and I'm going to vote to approve [R74], said Bebeth Steudel,who campaigned with her 3-year-old daughter.

Opponents of same-sex marriage employed the samesign-waving strategy earlier inthe day.

Meanwhile, campaigns used phone banks to offer a more targeted approach. At Republican headquarters in Bellevue, volunteers checked in with their supporters, calling them one by one to make sure they have turned in theirballots.

They're very passionate tonight, said one volunteer after wrapping up a conversation with a Rob McKenna supporter.

A Democratic phone bank in Wallingford overflowed with volunteers, prompting some to find a seat in the hallway as they checked in with voters likely to go for President Obama and Jay Inslee.

If the ballotdrop box in Ballard is any indication, plenty of voters are returning their ballots before Election Day. A constant stream of voters stopped by to drop off their ballots in person and ensure their delivery, rather than pay the postage to mail them.

I'm very excited, said Jenny Husby, as she walked to the ballot box. I spent four hours last night online researching stuff.

The Secretary of State predicts 60 percent of the votes will be reported Tuesday, with the first round of results coming between 8 and 9 p.m.

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