A 13-year-old in Shoreline said he took a swig of his Mountain Dew and it turned out to be whiskey. His parents say the bottle was sealed and looked legit.

Except for the color it looks like a fully functional Mountain Dew, said Marie Grant, mother.

Marcus Olson immediately spit it out.

It tasted a little bitter. It didn t taste like Mountain Dew at all, he said.

His mother said her son drank at least a shot. Grant is furious. She claims she s only getting the run around from both Pepsi and the store where she bought it.

They say well send us in a bottle, here s some coupons for free Pepsi products and oops. Safeway, I got a letter from their human resources, and they say they aren t accountable for anything. That it is a vendor issue and to deal with them, said the mother.

The family fears other bottles might end up in the wrong hands and go unnoticed.

And you have a staggering 8-year-old down the road, said Grant.

The family plans to stop buying Mountain Dew.

Especially for my 13-year-old, said Grant.

The family said managers at the store examined the rest of the soda bottles, but didn't find any other irregularities.
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