KING 5 News web producer Lindsay Chamberlain, a former gymnast, posts live updates during today's Women s Gymnastics All-Around Final.

Lindsay has read the 192-page Federation of International Gymnastics Code of Points and is working toward earning accreditation for judging.

She also photographed Team USA at the Pacific Rim Gymnastics Competition in Everett in March. Click here for pictures.


Click here for pictures from Tuesday's team final

8:05 a.m. The meet starts in about 25 minutes, here's a couple things to keep in mind:

--24 gymnasts competing today
--2 from the U.S. -- Gabby Douglas, 16, and Aly Raisman, 18
--each gymnast will compete in all four events, vault, bars, beam, floor
--Scores are added up for the all-around score (that means a gymnast could potentially lose a single event but still win the all-around)

8:10: The first rotation is the one to watch, it has the girls who are the potential gold medal winners. They are: Gabby Douglas USA, Aly Raisman USA, Victoria Komova RUS, Aliya Mustafina RUS, Linlin Deng CHN, and Vanessa Ferrari ITA. Most cameras will be positioned on them.

8:12: The youngest gymnast competing in the all-around today is Rebecca Tunney from Great Britian, she's 15 years old. Expect lots of cheers for her from the hometown crowd. (FYI, Gabby Douglas is 16).

8:17: Unlike Japan's men's all-around champ Uchimura (a known risk-taker in his routines), don't expect to see any big, risky moves from these ladies. I dont' think any of the gymnasts will be throwing skills that they haven't trained, practiced and landed about 1,000 times.

8:26 Magenta leotards for Team USA.

8:27 The two Russian gymnasts, Komova and Mustafina, have very high chances of winning medals. I see them as Douglas and Raisman's biggest threats.

8:30 Douglas and Raisman will start the meet. They are first and second on vault.

8:31 NBC's live feed of gymnastics is here

8:32 The meet has actually already started. Tweets are coming in showing scores for Douglas and Raisman. Douglas apparently gets a 15.966 and Raisman throws an Amanar for her vault. Still waiting score.

8:40 Looks like 15.9 for Raisman. I still haven't actually seen ANY live video. Incredibly frustrating!

8:41 Alright video sorted out. Deng just went on vault. I see Komova gets a 15.466 on vault, lower than both Raisman and Douglas. She also threw an Amanar.

8:42 Vault is always the quickest rotation -- it takes about 30 seconds, so makes sense, right?

8:43 Linlin Deng gets a 14.9 on vault. That's quite low.

8:44 Douglas thew a two and a half twisting Yurchenko, same as she did in team finals. Mustafina goes for a double Yurchenko, gets a 15.233. Yurchenko is the category of vault in which gymnast does a round off backhandspring to spring onto the vault.

8:45 So the girls head to bars, where I haven't seen Raisman perform. Her routine will be new to a lot of viewers. She competed in only beam and floor during the team finals.

8:50 Girls on vault are all wearing their grips for bars, ready to go. Just pacing now. How agonizing. They need to sit, stay focused and most importantly not watch anyone else's routines.

8:51 I've always admired gymnasts who don't wear grips for bars, the things that separate their palms from bar. Most say it helps hold tight to the bar, but learning to adjust to leather betweeen your hand and the surface of the bar is a weird thing to get used to. Russia's bar legend Sventlana Khorkina never wore grips, which is amazing.

8:56 Scores put Douglas on top, Raisman second, followed by Komova and Mustafina of Russia.

8:57 Girls have presented to the judges and are now doing their one-touch. Each gymnast gets a chance to practice a skill or two before the routines officially begin.

8:58 Just saw the final score on vault, Vanessa Ferrari got a 14.6.

8:59 This might be the first time I have ever seen a Chinese gymnast not wearing red, yellow or white. Deng is wearing a purple leotard.

9:01 Watch Mustafina on this event. She has a move named after her -- the Mustafina. It's a complicated release move from the high bar followed by a stalder like kip and another release move on the low bar.

9:02 Raisman about to present to judges. Pacing. Lots of cheers for her can be heard from the crowd.

9:03 Raisman looks a little off kilter in one of two of her relase moves. Her splits aren't quite hitting complete. Legs came apart in double back dismount and hop on the landing. She's a phenomenal gymnast, but you can see this isn't her strongest event. Score 14.333.

9:04 Komova next. Long graceful lines and never a toe out of place. She's straight as an arrow in all her moves. Double full twisting dismount with a small hop.

9:08 Score for Komova is 15.966. Keep in mid that's EXACTLY what Douglas scored on vault. Raisman gives her a hug. That's so nice!

9:09 Ferrari for Italy. Uses a spring board to high bar for her mount. Starts immediately with giants and pirouettes, a little different. Legs also apart in double full dismount and small hop. You can tell she sort of muscled through that routine.

9:11 Ferrari gets a 14.033 on bars. Deng for China next.

9:12 Deng also starts with a springboard. Perfect on every move. Lays out her double full dismount with a small hop on the landing. That should be a higher score than Ferrari and Raisman, but not as high as Komova.

9:13 Mustafina then Douglas remain on bars. Again, watch for the Mustafina release move!

9:14 Deng scores 14.266 -- not as high as Raisman!

9:15 Mustafina - I love her half twist she puts on release moves from the low bar to high bar. Mustafina move was perfect, tries to stick the landing, and slides her salute to the judges into the smallest of steps.

9:17 Score for Mustafina is 16.1, highest score I've seen on bars! Begins chalking up her feet for beam. P.S. love her fake eyelashes!

9:18 Gabby flying high over the bars of course during her routine. She flies higher than any other competitor in the gym. Double layout dismount stuck perfectly. Gabby is in GREAT position to win silver or gold pending no major disruptions on beam and floor. Score 15.733.

9:19 Standings are Douglas followed by Komova, Mustafina and then Raisman with half the meet down.

9:23 Great Britian's Rebecca Tunney not looking so good, she's near the bottom of the standings. 13.133 on beam and 13.933 on floor.

9:24 Another one touch on beam before routines. It will go Komova, Ferrari, Deng, Mustafina, Douglas then Raisman.

9:25 Here's where Raisman will compete for a medal, her scores on beam and floor could push her above Komova or Mustafina.

9:26 Beam is my favorite apparatus. Long, graceful leaps, acrobatics and the most precious balance needed to make a stunning routine. Every muscle is used, and the tiniest of wobbles is a deduction.

9:27 One of the important parts of beam is connecting moves. If there is too big of a pause, the series isn't awarded. Komova does a standing Arabian again, it's one of three or four standing saltos in her beam routine. And another Arabian double front for a dismount, small hop.

9:28 Score for Komova is 15.441

9:29 These girls have really come to compete. No meltdowns, it's going to be a battle to the very final routine on floor (which happens to be Raisman).

9:30 Ferrari on beam - Big wobble on her backhandspring layout, bends over completely. Another slight wobble on a leap series. You can see a tiny bit less artistry, but nonetheless she earned her spot in the top rotation during this meet, a fabulous gymnast. Score 14.5

9:35 Deng on beam - does strange run up to the beam using a springboard, but without any flight. Hmmmm. Amazing backhandspring pike to a straddle low on the beam, it's great to see in slow motion. Piked double back dismount with a small hop.

9:37 Mustafina next. This will be huge for her. We saw on Tuesday she cried several times during the end of the team final.

9:39 Mustafina - flawless double turn. FALL on the standing Arabian! Not much of a fight to stay on the beam, that's as big a deduction as you can get.

9:40 Hop forward on double back dismount. You could see in her eyes as she prepared for her dismount that her heart was already broken.

9:41 Mustafina's fall gives Raisman a huge chance to jump into the medal positions.

9:42 Mustafina's score 13.633.

9:43 Gabby 5th in rotation on beam. Slighting mumbling to herself as she prepare to mount. A couple of balance checks, but her confidence keeps her on the beam. She's refuses to wobble, something so many gymnasts struggle to learn. Raisman not watching, but it will be a big score.

9:44 I remember watching Gabby Douglas at the Pacific Rim meet and being floored by her height and flexability on beam and bars. Unlike any recent gymnast, but reminds me of Dominique Moceanu in a way. She's a combination of power and grace, and gymanasts are usually either one or the other. She's absolutely unbeatable when she wants to be. Score 15.5

9:46 Raisman to finish. Her confidence on beam is crazy. But a BIG wobble on her front tuck! Has to bend down, touch the beam and hold one leg up to keep balance! I would have never guessed that from her. ANOTHER big wobble on her leg-extended full turn. Hop on Arabian double front dismount. This is sure making it interesting.

9:48 Again, the battle will go to the very end for the four girls on top. Douglas looks like she's the only one who hasn't faltered, but Komova, Mustafina, and Raisman will battle for medals. Score for Aly is 14.2 on beam. Now to floor.

9:50 As the standings are now, Douglas is in gold, Komova in silver and Mustafina in bronze -- that's with her fall on beam, that means her bar score was bigger than any other. With Deng moving up into 4th, Raisman will need a big score here on floor, her best event.

9:52 Komova will perform last on floor. What she does will influence where everyone else medals.

9:53 Raisman doing a one touch tumbling pass on floor and tumbles out of bounds. She might be a little shaken.

9:54 Ferrari will start for Italy.

9:55 Big breath to start seconds into her routine. Random standing back tuck tacked onto the end of her second tumbling pass. Not sure if that adds any difficultly. No smiles, just stress on her face throughout the routine until the very end. Smiles as she salutes the judges.

9:57 Linlin Deng for China is fighting for bronze, she's up next. Score for Ferrari is 14.866.

9:59 Almost under rotated her double back dismount. A great routine with solid skills, but I didn't see a fire in her, you know? Should still be a high score for Deng.

10:01 Score for Deng is 13.9. That's big for Raisman, trying to beat her.

10:03 Dramatic music for Mustafina, she's all drama! This is a girl who came back from a big knee surgery and trained hard to get here. I love her theatrics. This routine will put her back up, help her recover from that beam fall. Big step back on the dismount.

10:04 Score for Mustafina is 14.6. Not as high as I expected.

10:06 Gabby on floor now - Perfect opening tumbling pass, then nearly goes out on her Arabian double front. Crowd is clapping along but missing the beat, she smiles to them, playing it up! It might be putting off her timing. Perfect third tumbling pass, then nails the double back dismount with a HUGE smile! She's done!

10:07 Cameras swarm Gabby cause they know she's likely the all-around champion

10:08 15.033 for Gabby on floor. That's pretty low, actually. These floor judges - you just never know.

10:09 Raisman next, here's her shot to fight back. Confidence is again a big factor here. Crowd is in it and she knows it. Piked double Arabian is beautiful. Triple full is outstanding, and so is the double back dismount. She stood up to the pressure.

10:11 Raisman scores 15.133, she's now tied with Mustafina.

10:12 Romania's Sandra Raluca Izbasa has moved into fourth place, behind Gabby, Aliya and Aly Raisman.

10:13 Russia's Komova finishes it off. She's also responding in a big way, looks very confident out there. Moves are spot on, tumbling is pristine. As she completes her triple full, I saw a smile creep up on her face, knowing she's hitting a big routine. Perfect dismount, not a hair out of place.

10:14 Gabby Douglas wins GOLD For the U.S., Score for Komova is a 15.1.

10:15 Komova is absolutely weeping at her silver medal. Very sad.

10:16 Lots of confusion over Mustafina and Raisman tie for 3rd.

10:17 Scoreboard at the gymnasium says Aly gets 4th, but USA Gymnastics is saying there's a tie. I really dont' know who's going to get the bronze!

10:18 A reporter for the Associated Press is reporting the combined scores for each E move are the tiebreaker. Followed by the D scores.

10:19 E moves on floors are things like a quadruple turn, a double front tuck, Arabian double front. D moves on floor are double backs, full turning switch leaps.

10:25 A triple full is also an E move. Aly had that in her routine as well as an Arabian double back. Judges will indivudually score those and that's the tie breaker. Lucky for her, they were awesome.

10:30 Medal ceremony begins. One thing's for sure, Gabby wins gold!

10:31 Mustafina walks out for medals ceremony. That means Aly finishes fourth -- still NOT TOO SHABBY!

10:33 Correction to earlier comment about tiebreakers, execution scores are the factor. That's why Mustafina is up there for bronze. Updates are flying in from every which way, it's difficult to sort them all out.

10:35 Gabby will always be known as the all-around champ now, just like Nastia Liukin, Carly Patterson and Mary Lou Retton.

10:37 Now they're off to make the media rounds. It will be an exhausting next few days for Gabby.

10:40 Apparatus finals are a few days away. They start Sunday night, and continue on Monday. See you then!

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