A new report released by the Washington State Auditor's Office confirms findings in a KING 5 investigation.

The auditors determined some state employees had too much personal information on their computers at the Washington Military Department and supervisors didn't do enough to correct the problem.

State law says it's okay for state employees to use their computers for occasional personal use. The State Auditor's Office found 37 WMD employees went beyond occasional use. One employee stored over 3,000 photos and images.

In February, the KING 5 Investigators reviewed internal emails and interviewed current and former employees who said much of the activity happened on work computers on work time. KING found problems with employees using equipment for personal use went as far back as 2007 yet nothing was done.

To see the original investigation click here.

Employees told the state the issue had been brought to management's attention because the personal information was taking up space on department servers. Witnesses told investigators that over the years management purchased more servers and sent emails instructing Department employees to remove personal information from their computers; however, the directive was not enforced.

To correct the problems, the Washington Military Department has developed new policies, discussed expectations with employees, and implemented a new IT system monitoring and audit tools.

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