President Obama's trip to Washington isn't so much about campaigning. It's all about raising money, and the Seattle area has been a gold mine for political candidates.

When President Obama visits Hunts Point, he'll be visiting one of the wealthier zip codes in the nation. A lot of the wealth on the Eastside was created in the last 20 years - by industries that include software, dot-com and high tech - and the campaigns know that.

The president s visit to Seattle will be his fourth since September; Mitt Romney has made a few fundraising stops in Medina himself.

If you look at the Eastside, it represents about 57% of the comparable wealth of Manhattan. That is fascinating, said economist Jim Herbert.

When you look at data across the country, there's a reason political candidates come to Seattle.

We have in terms of numbers of multi-millionaires, and I'm just going to give that number to you now: 42,510 on the Eastside. That is a lot of multi-millionaires, said Herbert.

In the zip code 98004, including Medina and west Bellevue, data from the IRS shows 32 percent of tax returns report adjusted gross income over $100,000. Just east of downtown Bellevue, it's 27 percent.

South Bellevue, in the 98006 zip code, 36 percent have six-figure incomes. Across Lake Washington, home of many high tech workers, the zip codes 98074 and 98075 cover the city of Sammamish, where about 48 percent reported adjusted gross incomes over $100,000.

Herbert says those average figures only tell part of the story. The Bellevue zip code includes everyone from young apartment dwellers to billionaires. And taxable income doesn't always reflect actual wealth.

Herbert says while the candidates come to raise money, he hopes they'll learn about how local companies created that wealth.

So this is a real Petri dish of coming and learning, what did we do? said Herbert.

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