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NASA'S Super Guppy aircraft returned to Seattle Thursday to deliver the aft payload bay of the Museum of Flight's Space Shuttle Trainer.

The oddly shaped plane landed at Boeing Field around 10 a.m. and taxied to the Boeing Military Flight Center.

The payload bay will be moved onto an Air Force loader and driven across East Marginal Way to the Charles Simonyi Space Gallery.

According to the Museum of Flight, the entire process would be visible from its east parking lot.

The Super Guppy first landed in Seattle June 30, carrying the full-scale plywood mock-up a space shuttle crew cabin for the Trainer.

The Super Guppy will make one more trip to The Museum of Flight on August 9 to deliver the forward section of the payload bay which could be the aircraft's last journey to the region before being decommissioned

Museum officials say that by October visitors will be able to walk through the trainer to see where astronauts trained for their missions.

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