OLYMPIA -- When Clayton Krueger and his dad were outside around 10 p.m. Thursday night, the lightning was so close andintense that they could hear a buzzing electrical sound. It was so bright, they had to close their eyes.

For Western Washington, it's not supposed to be like this in mid-to-late July. The joke around here is that summer finally comes to stay on July 5th.

Weather experts actually say we shouldn't bet on summer until July 12 ... but by the 20th, the meteorologists say people in the Puget Sound region should be able to count on fabulous weather just about every day.

The last week, however, saw a rash of violent weather rarely seen on the west side of Washington state.

On Friday morning KING 5 First Alert Radar showed hundreds of lightnning strikes over the urban area and along the Cascades.

One reason for this year's wild summer, said KING 5 weather anchorLisa Van Cise, is that the jet stream, which steers large weather systems, dips down over westernWashington, bringing in thenasty stuff. The same jet stream loops high east oftheRockies, pulling in hot, dry weather that has produced record drought conditions for much of the eastern part of the country.

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