SEATTLE A Port of Seattle presentation Thursday laid out potential fixes in the event of a new NBA arena in Seattle's SODOneighborhood.

The Port submitted the 28-page document to express their reservations over the proposal and traffic impacts. It also suggested potential changes, which could ease or mitigate congestion. They include:

-- Allow trucks to access I-90 through restricted areas

-- Truck only routes (e.g., East Marginal Way, Colorado/Massachusetts Streets)

-- Create a new roadway to replace the function of Occidental Avenue S. connecting between S. Holgate Street & Edgar Martinez Drive.

-- Increase capacity on 1st Avenue S.

-- Fund additional transit service

-- Improve walking route to the Link Light Rail station

-- Lander Street grade separation

-- New pedestrian bridge

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said Thursday he believes those issues can be addressed during the arena permitting process, but offered no suggestions on financing of any fix.

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